About Us

Jellyworld Interactive is a developer of entertainment software. We are a company of artists, storytellers, musicians, programmers and game designers working to make the most quality games. Our company thinks about the player experience, focusing on well-designed games.

We work to promote social equality and we make funny games without discrimination. 

In Jelly World Interactive, we are developing games with strong female characters, we follow the Bechdel Test and we focus on new game experiences. We promote equality. 

We develop for Desktop Computers and IOS / Android. 

Do you need a game for your company? We can create it. 
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About Founders

Gisela Vaquero

Gisela began her career in Multimedia and Audiovisuals in Barcelona. She went on to earn her Masters degree in Video Game Design and Programming at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.


She moved to Pamplona where she worked as a Head of Game Design in Davalor Salud where she made video games for ocular health. 
In 2016, Gisela founded Jellyworld Interactive, a start-up company that promotes equality in video games. 


Marta Mesas

Illustrator and concept artist from Barcelona, Marta started her career as an artist getting her degree in Graphic Design and illustration and later studied graphic art at the Comic and Visual Arts School Joso.


She works mostly with digital media and is specialized in digital painting and character design.


Since the begining of her career in 2009 as a freelance, she has worked as a portrait artist, graphic designer, book cover artist, comic book artist, character designer, concept artist for animated short films, story board artist and, since 2015, videogames concept artist in Jellyworld Interactive.




Adrián García

Concept Artist

Iskander Parga


Belén Cardo

Concept Artist

Ferran Grivé

Game Designer

Alvaro Muñoz

Concept Artist

Rubén Escalante


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